Eastern Roof and Floor Truss is a locally owned and operated company that produces high quality roof and floor truss solutions.  At ERFT we utilize the best design tools, operated by professional designers, in order to provide a solid and sound foundation for each and every project.  Specializing in building floor and roof trusses, our experienced team will ensure that you receive the best product that is a unique blend of strength, durability and consistency.

From superior raw materials, to pre-engineered roof and floor truss designs, to strict quality control, you can rest assure that Eastern Roof and Floor Truss will provide you with superior solutions at lower prices.  First rate design combined with superior manufactured trusses means peace of mind in knowing that your project will consist of high quality construction.

We pride ourselves in serving local businesses with top quality products and look forward to meeting your needs.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

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